Miami is the first US municipality to accept cryptocurrency contributions through CityCoins.

Ginkgo Bioworks’ market debut last Friday marked one of the largest biotech transactions to date with $1.6 billion in proceeds raised. This milestone demonstrates the maturation of synthetic biology from a science to an emerging industry.

Ginkgo Bioworks’ IPO on 09/17/2021 [credit: Ginkgo Bioworks]

What are other promising private synbio companies that are currently being built?

Here is a list of seven promising synbio companies that program biology to create…

Question: How have language, metaphor, and fiction shaped synthetic biology, and can we find new scripts to generate other meanings?

1. Meaningless Words aka Buzzwords

The field of Synthetic Biology, similar to Silicon Valley, can be a breeding ground for coded language, jargon, and outright nonsense. Founders, scientists and investors juggle all-too-often-heard buzzwords to explain…

Humanity’s Hardest Problem — Climate Change

We are entering a major crossroads in human history: As the concentration of greenhouse gases (GHG) in the atmosphere rises, the impacts of global warming are becoming more evident: Extreme weather conditions, groundwater crisis, glacier melts, and sea-level rise. The climate crisis poses challenges to energy security, food and water…

Dapper Labs’ Flow, an NFT platform, could be the next frontier of the blockchain revolution focusing on the consumer space.

NFTs create new digital opportunities

Blockchain is going to fundamentally alter the financial industry and have a major impact on consumers and their behaviors. …

Why Chamath for California is the best thing that could happen.

Chamath for Govenor of California [Credit: Chamath Palihapitiya]

California has been the leading center of tech innovation in the last decades. But instead of improving the living standard in California, it has never been harder to live in the state.

The state is facing an imminent climate…

A Process for Capturing CO2 from the Atmosphere

Carbon Sequestration

The notion of a “silver bullet” for solving global warming has persistent appeal: “What’s the one big thing we can do?”. However, there is no one-size-fits-all solution to a multi-layered problem, such as global warming.

Renewable energy and electric cars will not…

Here is a list of potential climate change disruptors that can help us to reduce GHG-emissions dramatically.

Chamath Palihapitiya has recently posted on Twitter areas of the climate change investing landscape that he is following closely. I’ll present few contenders that can become category winners or leaders of each area.

When it comes to energy, software will not eat the world — it will help save it.

After an “educated guess” by Shawn J., the fintwit community started to discuss that Chamath Palihapitiya’s Social Capital Hedosophia Holdings Corp. IV (NYSE: IPOD) could potentially merge with AutoGrid.

So, how could AutoGrid…

The single biggest advantage in investing is having psychological resilience in the face of uncertainty.

No matter how elaborate your investment strategy is, if you can’t control your emotions and don’t act accordingly, you will have difficulties to succeed or as Mike Tyson said it:

Alexander Roznowski

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