A Dark Cloud Rises In The East

Alexander Roznowski
2 min readApr 7, 2022


A dark cloud rises in the East

Controlled by a twisted mind

Unleashing a once forgotten beast

That walks restless and blind.

How could the world be not aware

Of the danger that was funded by our own greed?

Did anybody even really care

that we were the ones that planted the seed?

What has grown out of this seed

Can’t be tamed by meaningless words

Our hands can’t be washed clean from the deed

And all that really matters are verbs!

Where once fields bloomed,

the land turned from yellow to brown,

and blue peaceful skies turned into gray,

Leaving the earth doomed.

I can still hear in the villages the joy

Of calm days with children playing outside

But all that is left now is some old toy

And the happiness of this place just died.

Within weeks faces turned from soft and calm to worried and wrinkled

Where families were united, they are now separated.

But there is still the same light in their eyes

The hope to an end of the madness!

When everything falls apart

You need to look deep into your heart

Take courage in a new start

And throw a new dart!

New sunflowers will be planted around the place,

They will soon start to blossom from town to town

Giving everyone again a warm face

And only gratitude will be worn.

Again and again, we are reminded that life is a battleground:

Between day and night, good and evil, sunshine and rain

And we will never be sure that one will prevail against the other,

That good will overcome evil, love over hate or joy defeat pain.

It always has been this way and always will be,

And if it were not so, all existence would come to an end.