ClimateClout — The NASDAQ for CO2

ClimateClout’s 2 layer solution

What is ClimateClout?

ClimateClout is a new type of exchange that lets you invest and speculate in the decarbonization of the world’s atmosphere with any money, and it’s built on top of the BitClout blockchain. When you buy ClimateClout, you make the world a cleaner place by supporting the decarbonization of the world economy.

The Problem

The current Carbon Credit markets are broken. Carbon trading is one of the fastest-growing segments in the financial world and its estimated market size is worth more than $270 billion, with forecasts predicting growth of up to $1 trillion within a decade.

Supply of ClimateClout Coins

The ClimateClout exchange has its own BitCloud-based “Creator Coin”, called ClimateClout. ClimateClout’s coin is pegged to the human-made CO2 equivalent emissions. Since 1751, the world has emitted over 1.5 trillion tonnes of greenhouse gasses. The initial supply of ClimateClout coins starts with around 1.5 trillion coins that are representing the historically emitted CO2 tons in the atmosphere since the Industrial Revolution. The supply will increase or decrease in line with the actual global emissions.

What are Country Emission Coins?

Every country on the platform gets its own coin that anybody can buy and sell. We call these coins “Country Emission Coins”. Every country will get a number of coins equal to their historical amount of CO2 emissions in tons. Countries with fewer emissions will have higher priced coins than countries with high and growing emissions due to their scarcity. Like every market, the price of each coin goes up when people buy and goes down when people sell.

Social Trading

Because our ClimateClout exchange is linked to BitClout, we will be the first to add social network capabilities to climate trading. Anyone that uses BitClout can buy our ClimateClout coin and support the project.

Fair Reward System

We want to reward organizations that are helping to significantly reduce carbon emissions. Therefore, we will allocate ClimateClout coins to companies that reduce greenhouse gases by at least half a gigaton every year, about 1 percent of global emissions. If they can prove their contribution, we will reward them in the equal among coins, up to half a billion.


In the spirit of many open source projects, ClimateClout will not include a comprehensive roadmap rather we embrace a collection of design principles, engineering best practices, and avenues for exploration. We will decide together with the community how to establish validator and governance nodes.

Climate Data Sources & Monitoring

We collaborate with researchers and data providers to build open-source data and tools mobilizing the global tech community — harnessing satellites, artificial intelligence, and collective expertise — to track human-caused emissions to specific sources in real-time — independently and publicly. We will contribute 10% of the available tokens to climate data providers and make further investments with the aim to offer better data reliability for our trading platform.

Carbon Capture and Storage Solutions

We will also make investments in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) solutions. 10% of ClimateClout tokens have been set aside for investments in Carbon Capture and Storage (CCS) solutions. We need large-scale deployment of carbon removal to have a significant impact. Any decrease in our elevated CO2 levels will have a positive impact not only on our token value but also on the world.


10% of ClimateClout tokens have been set aside for ecosystem development to help bootstrap network effects and ensure a diverse and accessible community over the long term. Recipients of ClimateClout ecosystem support include entrepreneurial support organizations, non-profits, and academic institutions. These groups share ClimateClout credits with their communities and broaden accessibility.

Problem Solved

Our trading platform allows everyone to participate in the fight against climate change. If we create a successful trading platform behind carbon dioxide, we will start a real financial movement. People need to feel to be part of the green revolution. Let’s solve climate change together.



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