State of the Private Technology Company Landscape

The Current Technology IPO Paradigm

Vast capital in the private market

The traditional IPO Process is broken

IPO 2.0 — SPAC

“Our mission is to create an alternative path to a traditional IPO for disruptive and agile technology companies to achieve their long-term objectives and overcome key deterrents to becoming public” (Social Capital Hedosophia)

“We believe that a more streamlined and transparent path to the public market will encourage private companies, in the technology industry in particular, to go public while allowing them to remain operationally focused on long-term value creation. As a result, public market investors can gain more near-term, direct investment exposure to long-term technology themes.” (Social Capital Hedosophia, 2017)

“For the first time, anyone will have the opportunity to invest in a human spaceflight company that is transforming the market.” (George Whitesides, CEO of Virgin Galactic)