MiamiCoin — Modern Crypto Adoption

“What’s interesting about Bitcoin is that its use case has essentially been a store of value, and the question is, does MiamiCoin remain a store of value … or does it have a different use case? We feel that if MiamiCoin metamorphoses into a currency … there exists a possibility that it could have wide use and applicability.” — Miami Mayor Francis Suarez


Stacks ($STX)


“It is exciting that $MIA is the first CityCoin, as Miami has long been an epicenter of culture and innovation in the US. We’re confident that MiamiCoin will demonstrate to other cities that adopting new technologies can propel local initiatives, improve city infrastructure, and more.” — Patrick Stanley

Investment Reasons

“We were the first city in America, the second city in the world to publish Satoshi’s White Paper on Bitcoin. We were the first city to begin the process of allowing our employees to get paid in Bitcoin and allowing our residents to pay fees and taxes in Bitcoin.” — Miami Mayor Francis Suarez



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