The Law of Consistency

Compounding of actions

To be honest, this article is not planned and probably I will write it at a fast pace. But writing something today will be better than writing something tomorrow. It’s because of compounding (compounding is the process in which an asset’s earnings, from either capital gains or interest, are reinvested to generate additional earnings over time) of actions over time. Today’s actions will be compounded and therefore more worth tomorrow and unbelievably even more worth in 10 years.

Moreover, doing things today will be better than not writing at all. Don’t make any excuses e.g. “I’ll do it tomorrow”. Once you establish this kind of attitude allowing to cave yourself into excuses, you apply it more likely in more other situations. Don’t chase perfection because first of all there is no such thing like perfection and finally it is, unfortunately, the perfect excuse for doing nothing or less.

Take action

Instead: If you start doing something small today that might grow over time exponentially, you want to keep doing it more and more. You will feel the rush, the excitement, and inspiration of any taken action. This emotional state will keep you in the loop. It’s almost an addiction but in a good way. Once you continue doing it for a little bit more you will try to challenge yourself more and more. It’s like playing the piano, you might get bored with the beginner stuff soon and move to an intermediate level. Soon you will become a master.

Your action will speak for you. As Mark Twain said: “Action speaks louder than words but not nearly as often” (Mark Twain). If you want to excel in the things that you do and become a better person, you have to commit to your values and follow with actions. Being in a continuous state of preparation will allow you to take on more opportunities because: “The meeting of preparation with opportunity generates the offspring we call luck” (Tony Robbins). That means if you are always prepared you will have more opportunities in front of you instead of just being “lucky”.

Failure and Rejection

Of course, there will be setbacks. You will have to deal with failure and rejection. But there was never a human being on this earth that did not face some form of failure or rejection. It’s not about hiding from failure and rejection but it’s about facing them. How you handle them will set you apart from most people. Rejection is just a guide that gets you eventually closer to your goal. As Tony Robbins said:

“There are no real successes without rejection. The more rejection you get, the better you are, the more you’ve learned, the closer you are to your outcome… If you can handle rejection, you’ll learn to get everything you want” (Tony Robbins).

Keep on Learning

It’s not about failing in a big way but rather micro-failing. With small mistakes, you will eventually get closer to your goals. As Michelangelo said for himself: “I’m still learning. (it. Ancora imparo)” (Michelangelo). Set this attitude for yourself, there is always a way to become better at what you do. No matter how much time it will take to learn or achieve something “[n]ever give up on a dream just because of the time it will take to accomplish it. The time will pass anyway” (Earl Nightingale), you might spend it learning.

If you want to grow:

  1. Know about the compounding of action
  2. Take action with small steps
  3. Learn to handle failure and rejection
  4. Expand your knowledge through learning

The Law of Consistency

This article took me about 90 minutes to write. It took me motivation to get going, but discipline to finish. That’s the Law of Consistency. If you want to grow, consistency is key. And if you never try, you will never know. Keep up the good work!



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